sexta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2008

É o primeiro prémio de um concurso do Museu de História Natural em Londres. A ver tudo aqui. E aqui, recupero, o link para o Museu de História Natural de Paris, um dos que Darwin habitava e onde perdia a cabeça, por achar que nada fazia sentido.

'After 10 months and a winter with little snow in Ladakh's Hemis High Altitude National Park, India, I was running out of hope of getting the picture I wanted. But one freezing morning I checked my remote-controlled camera and found a snow leopard had triggered it the night before, in the frame I'd dreamed of – in its true element.' Snow leopards are adapted to life in the mountains of central Asia. They have long, waterproof outer fur, dense woolly under-fur and large nasal cavities that warm the air as they breathe it in. This allows them to survive temperatures as low as -40°C. But the leopards can also tolerate the heat of the Gobi Desert, where temperatures can reach 40°C.'

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